Ramen Shop 2083 Released!

16 Aug 2017

Ramen Shop 2083 is now available on the App Store!

Watch the trailer and play the game!

It’s the year 2083. Humans are rare, and hordes of demented robots now roam the streets. As one of the last humans alive, you have a chance to find success running a ramen shop. It won’t be easy though. You’ll need to create dishes that satisfy strange customers, serve bowls quickly, upgrade your restaurant, and develop relationships with the city’s most powerful factions.

In the game you will…

  • Develop complex ramen dishes!
  • Serve customers as fast as you can!
  • Upgrade your restaurant!
  • Earn the favor of powerful factions!
  • Prove that humans still have a place in the robot-controlled world of 2083!

Have fun! Make sure to follow @ZBAppStudio on Twitter for future updates!