Limitless Fortune v1.3 Patch Notes

29 Sep 2016

Thank you to those of you who took the time to report a bug in Limitless Fortune v1.2. Minor update, 1.3, is out today with a fix! If you haven’t played the game yet, you can find a download link and some more info at

Patch notes for v1.3

  • Fix bug preventing users from paying cash for new ships under certain circumstances

  • Rebuild for iOS 10

Previous patch notes For v1.2.1

  • Gameplay balance tweaks

  • Metadata tweaks

Previous patch notes For v1.2

  • All in-app advertisements removed!

  • 4 new buyable ships

  • Several new achievements

  • New surface scenes for retirement locations

  • Increased trade good market volatility

  • Minor UI tweaks

Previous patch notes for v1.1.3

  • Minor UI fixes and metadata updates

Previous patch notes for v1.1.2

  • Tweaks to random event chances

  • Decreased rating reminder frequency

  • More achievements added

  • Fewer interstitial ads

Previous patch notes for v1.1

  • Improved UI on iPhone 5 and iPad screens

  • New music on end game screen

  • New UI for end game screens

  • Decreased price-to-rent ratios on all ships except the Rocketeer

  • Increased late-game ship cargo hold sizes

  • Updated icon

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